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Who was the boy band in Popstars: The Rivals?

Who was the boy band in Popstars: The Rivals?

One True Voice
One True Voice were a British boy band created on the ITV television series Popstars: The Rivals. In the show, pop groups of both sexes were created through a public vote and competed in the UK Singles Chart for the 2002 Christmas number one single.

Who did hearsay beat?

The song went straight to number one on the UK Singles Chart in March 2001, selling just under 550,000 copies. “Pure and Simple” was the fastest-selling debut single at the time, as well as the fastest-selling non-charity single – a record beaten a year later by Pop Idol winner Will Young.

Who did Nicola Roberts replace?

Nicola Ward won a top 10 place on the hit singing competition in 2002, but was replaced by Nicola Roberts after she quit in an apparent row over pay.

Where is Mikey Green now?

He later changed his name to Mic Steel and joined rock band Pentasonic. He also appeared in reality TV shows including Channel 5’s The Farm and Celebrity Wrestling. He describes himself as a “Hard rocking Irish musician and writer”. The star now lives in Barcelona and continues to record music.

Who won Popstars rivals?

Popstars resulted in the formation of one winning pop group, Hear’Say, who was selected solely by the judges, but Pop Idol made extensive use of viewer interactivity with the home audience voting for their favourite act to win the competition either via the show’s official website or by calling premium-rate telephone …

Who were the judges on Popstars: The Rivals?

Hosted by Davina McCall, with the performances judged by Pete Waterman, Louis Walsh and Geri Halliwell, Popstars The Rivals is a British talent show series It is the second UK series of the international Popstars franchise.

Who came second to hearsay?

While the five winning contestants of Popstars formed Hear’Say, the five runner-up contestants—Michelle Heaton, Tony Lundon, Kevin Simm, Jessica Taylor and Kelli Young—formed the group Liberty. The name Liberty was chosen to reflect the freedom the members experienced following their participation in Popstars.

What year was Popstars: The Rivals?

Popstars The Rivals (often stylised as Popstars: The Rivals) was a British television talent show series that was broadcast on ITV in late 2002. It was the second UK series of the international Popstars franchise.

Where is Javine now?

So where is Javine now? Many years on from her singing career, the 36 year old has turned her back on the spotlight. Her Twitter page hasn’t had any interaction or posts since 2015 and she’s officially set her Instagram profile to private.

Who was in One True Voice?

Daniel PearceVocals
Keith SempleVocalsAnton GordonVocalsMatt JohnsonVocalsJamie ShawVocals
One True Voice/Members

What came first Pop Idol or Popstars?

The first series of Popstars proved popular with audiences, and was a ratings hit for ITV. However, Simon Fuller used the Popstars format as inspiration for his new TV show Pop Idol, which was broadcast on ITV soon after Popstars.

Who did Sarah Harding beat in pop stars?

Fans are rewatching Sarah Harding’s first audition for Popstars: The Rivals following the news of her death, aged 39. Harding rose to fame in 2002 while appearing on the ITV’s Popstars. She completed her audition in front of Louis Walsh, Pete Waterman and Geri Halliwell, where she won them over.

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