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Why did JoAnne Liebeler leave Hometime?

Why did JoAnne Liebeler leave Hometime?

JoAnne (JoJo) Liebeler was the second Hometime co-host. She was with the show for four years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue work in the entertainment industry.

Who is Dean Johnson married to?

Dean Johnson In addition to his role as co-host, Johnson is executive producer of Hometime and president of Hometime Video Publishing. The father of two, Johnson is married to his high school sweetheart, Kathi.

Who is Dean Johnson?

Dean Johnson (born July 15, 1950) is an American attorney, television personality and academic….Dean Edward Johnson.

Dean Johnson
Nationality American
Education B.A., Yale University M.A and M. Philosophy, Columbia University J.D., New York University School of Law
Occupation Attorney, TV Personality, Academician

Is the show Hometime still on?

Hometime is an American PBS home improvement television program. It aired from November 1, 1986, to January 30, 2016.

Who is Judy Greer’s husband?

Dean E. JohnsenJudy Greer / Husband (m. 2011)

Are Ben and Erin Napier from Laurel?

The genesis of their story is the stuff of TV fairy tales. It goes like this: College sweethearts Erin, an artist and graphic designer, and Ben, a woodworker, craftsman and former minister, had their historic home in Laurel, Mississippi, featured in “Southern Weddings” magazine in 2014.

Who hosted Hometime?

Dean Johnson
Dean Johnson, host and executive producer of Hometime, has been a fixture on PBS stations across the country since his do-it-yourself television series debuted in 1986.

Who is Judy Greer’s parents?

Mollie Ann Evans
Rich Evans
Judy Greer/Parents

What does Ben Napier do for a living?

Instead, he’s a woodworker who makes furniture. Just take a look at his Instagram bio, where he notes that along with his HGTV show, he spends his time focusing on “history-inspired woodworking from Laurel, MS.” He’s also the star of “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop,” which sees him spending time with his wood-related craft.

What was the first home remodeling show?

One of the first home improvement shows to hit airwaves, “This Old House” began airing on PBS way back in 1979. Hosted by Bob Vila, Steve Thomas, and Kevin O’Connor, the series follows the remodel of a house — typically in the New England area — over the course of several episodes.

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