Why do they call it latchkey kid?

Why do they call it latchkey kid?

The term refers to the latchkey of a door to a house, or home. The key is often strung around the child’s neck or left hidden under a mat (or some other object) at the rear door to the property.

What are some dangers for latch-key children?

These children, in turn, face a growing number of problems such as physical and sexual abuse, crime and delinquency, depression and suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, emotional and behavioral problems, learning difficulties, school attendance problems, domestic violence, pregnancy, abortion, and venereal disease.

Who is most likely to be a latchkey kid?

As children get older, they are more likely to be latchkey kids. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates 10% of students 4th grade and older spend a few hours home alone each day.

What generation is latch-key kids?

Generation X
The latchkey generation–also known as Generation X–was raised by working parents who left them alone after school. We consider the implications. Generation X has been called “the latchkey generation,” a group of people whose personal identity was in part shaped by the independence of being left alone after school.

Is latchkey kid an offensive term?

I’ve long been fascinated with the term “latchkey kid,” though something about it sounds offensive in an vaguely antiquated way, like describing an unmarried woman as a spinster or referring to siblings born less than a year apart as “Irish twins.” Perhaps that’s because there’s always been some shame for parents who …

What kinds of problems do latchkey children face?

What is a latchkey discovery?

Simple, the latchkey discovery was used as a “key” or a “password” or however you would describe it to decode the forerunner artefact at the oni excavation site, thus giving cortana some info and the co-ords for instillation 004.

When was the latchkey generation?

Generation X, also referred to as the “Slacker Generation,” “Latchkeys,” “MTV Generation,” or “Baby Busters,” were born between 1965 and 1979.

What was Halsey’s latchkey discovery?

Catherine Halsey, Sorvad had reported immediately before he was killed that he had made a “latchkey discovery”, something that would change the tide of the Human-Covenant War and a term that Sorvad would not use lightly. Sorvad had one daughter, Sára, who was recovered by NOBLE Team.

What was on the latch key in Halo Reach?

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