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Why is LLD faster?

Why is LLD faster?

lld is faster than mold. This may be due to mold’s cost on splitting symbol processing passes. However, ld. lld has very few parallel passes and leverage little from multi-threading, so mold get faster with more threads.

Does clang use LD?

From what I can see, clang is using GNU ld rather than LLVM’s lld . Is this true? LLD seems to be a very limited program from the lld -help output, but from what I have read, it is as full featured as ld .

How LLD works?

LLD reads bitcode object files, compile them using LLVM and emit an output file. Because in this way LLD can see the entire program, it can do the whole program optimization. Some very old features for ancient Unix systems (pre-90s or even before that) have been removed.

What is LLD link exe?

When invoked as lld-link.exe or with -flavor link , the driver for Windows operating system is used to parse command line options, and it drives further linking processes. LLD accepts almost all command line options that the linker shipped with Microsoft Visual C++ (link.exe) supports.

Why is linking so slow?

Linkers have to copy large amount of data from object files to an output file, and that is inevitably slow.

What is BFD linker?

The linker accesses object and archive files using the BFD libraries. These libraries allow the linker to use the same routines to operate on object files whatever the object file format. A different object file format can be supported simply by creating a new BFD back end and adding it to the library.

What assembler does LLVM use?

llvm-as is the LLVM assembler. It reads a file containing human-readable LLVM assembly language, translates it to LLVM bitcode, and writes the result into a file or to standard output. If filename is omitted or is – , then llvm-as reads its input from standard input.

What linker does clang use?

Clang can be configured to use one of several different linkers: GNU ld. GNU gold. LLVM’s lld.

Does clang have a linker?

What is Lib exe?

The Microsoft Library Manager (LIB.exe) creates and manages a library of Common Object File Format (COFF) object files. LIB can also be used to create export files and import libraries to reference exported definitions. You can start this tool only from the Visual Studio command prompt.

Is MinGW slow?

I have a relatively small project that makes use of some templated libraries like Cereal. MinGW linker times are really slow for me, especially in debug. It takes over 20 seconds to link the program. Release is bearable (4-5 seconds), but the whole project links in under a second with msvc.

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