Will a timney trigger fix a Remington 700?

Will a timney trigger fix a Remington 700?

If this is over your head, any gunsmith can replace a trigger in a few minutes and should not charge much for the install. I would highly recommend contacting Timney to replace your recall trigger. Not only will it save you time, but the trigger is a fantastic upgrade to an otherwise stock rifle.

Are all Remington 700 triggers the same?

Weight: Any Remington 700 trigger that is after-market will have different weights, and are adjustable. The weight of the trigger refers to how hard you have to pull the trigger to shoot the gun. Different types of guns require different weights, and the use of the gun will also determine which is best.

Are timney triggers any good?

A lot of things go into making an accurate rifle, not the least of which is a good, clean-breaking trigger. For that reason, Timney Triggers is tops in my book. Besides that, the staff at Timney is pleasant, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Good products & good folks, a winning combination.

What trigger does my Remington 700 have?

To determine if your Remington 700 has the Walker firing mechanism or the X-Mark Pro, look at the trigger itself. If the trigger has grooves, it is a Walker. If it is smooth, it is an X-Mark Pro. CNBC.com will soon be publishing more stories about the Remington 700.

What is a Timney 2 stage trigger?

2-stage trigger is adjustable from 8 ounces to 1.5 pounds (1st stage) and 8 ounces to 2 pounds (2nd stage) 2-stage trigger pull designed specifically for those who prefer two-stage triggers for the Model 700 rifle. Trigger will not move on safe. Ready for the range right out of the box or adjustable for custom feel.

What trigger do pros use?

The Remington Trigger Most of the top long range competitors are running custom actions that are “Remington 700 clones,” (see the data about what actions they’re using) meaning they share similar dimensions and some basic design specs, but are built with extreme precision.

What is trigger discipline?

Trigger discipline is a state of mind where the shooter keeps his or her finger outside of the trigger guard area, usually pressing it against the frame above the trigger area and parallel with the barrel, until ready to fire the gun.

What’s better single or two stage trigger?

Single-stage triggers can be faster than two-stage triggers on a millisecond level. Most refer to this as “split times”. The time it takes to get through the added weight of the second stage is greater than pulling through a consistent single stage.

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