Can you do a PhD at Princeton?

Can you do a PhD at Princeton?

Although our doctoral program is one of the largest at Princeton, its scale still allows students to receive personal attention and extensive faculty interaction.

Is Princeton University good for computer science?

Princeton University Climbing two places in this year’s world ranking for computer science, Princeton University ranks 11th worldwide and sixth in the US. Notable alumni include Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos and Google executive Eric Schmidt, as well as Alan Turing.

How much does Princeton pay PhD?

How much does a PhD Student at Princeton University make? The typical Princeton University PhD Student salary is $37,845 per year. PhD Student salaries at Princeton University can range from $30,000 – $45,448 per year.

How long does a PhD take at Princeton?

five years
D. program length is generally five years, with few exceptions of four year programs.

How do I get a PhD in Princeton?

To qualify for the Ph. D., students are required by the Graduate School to pass the general examination in their subject; to present an acceptable dissertation; and, after receiving approval of the advanced degree application from the department and the Graduate School, to pass the final public oral examination.

How do you get a PhD admission in Princeton University?


  1. Deadlines and Fees.
  2. File Upload Requirements.
  3. Statement of Academic Purpose.
  4. Resume/Curriculum Vitae.
  5. Recommendation Letters.
  6. Transcripts.
  7. Fall Semester Grades.
  8. Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)

What university is number 1 in computer science?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Here are the best computer science masters programs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA #1 in Computer Science Save 5.0
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA #2 in Computer Science (tie) Save 4.9
Stanford University Stanford, CA #2 in Computer Science (tie) Save 4.9

What is unique about Princeton computer science?

We are the only department in the university with this flexibility. Beyond a small core set of courses, students are free to design their own program within a framework that insures in-depth exposure to algorithms and theoretical computer science, computer system design, and applications.

Can I apply to two PhD programs at Princeton?

Applicants can apply only to one academic department for one degree per year. The application fee is nonrefundable. The Graduate School will not offer admission to an applicant seeking a second Ph. D.

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