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Do people save in PeopleCode?

Do people save in PeopleCode?

Description. Use the DoSave function to save the current page. DoSave defers processing to the end of the current PeopleCode program event, as distinct from DoSaveNow, which causes save processing (including SaveEdit, SavePreChange, SavePostChange, and Workflow PeopleCode) to be executed immediately.

What is in PeopleCode?

PeopleCode is an object-oriented language. To learn about objects and how they’re used in PeopleCode, see Classes and Objects. The component buffer is the area in memory that stores data for the currently active component.

How do you declare a function in PeopleCode?

Function Declarations If you call an external function from a PeopleCode program, you must declare the function at the top of the program. The syntax of the function declaration varies, depending on whether the external function is written in PeopleCode or compiled in a dynamic link library.

Why can’t I use the winmessage button in PeopleCode?

If WinMessage displays more than one button, it causes processing to stop while it waits for user response. This makes it a “user think-time” function, restricting its use in certain PeopleCode events.

What is a simple PeopleCode expression?

A simple PeopleCode expression can consist of a constant, a temporary variable, a system variable, a record field reference, or a function call. Simple expressions can be modified by unary operators (such as a negative sign or logical NOT), or combined into compound expressions using binary operators (such a plus sign or logical AND).

How do I use winmessage?

Use the WinMessage for simple informational display, where the end user reads the message, then clicks an OK button to dismiss the message box. WinMessage can also be used for branching based on end user choice, in which case the message box contains two or more buttons (such as OK and Cancel or Yes, No, and Cancel).

Where can I use the PeopleCode object?

This object can be used anywhere you have PeopleCode, that is, in an application class, Component Interface PeopleCode, record field PeopleCode, and so on. In this section, we discuss the array class methods.

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