How much is white rock cliff jumping?

How much is white rock cliff jumping?

The park is open seven days a week, daily from 11 am-6 pm. Admission for Children 5 and under is always free, youth 6-9 are $12, and ages 10- adult are $15 Monday through Friday, and $20 on weekends and holidays.

What is there to do at White Rock Indiana?

Cliff Jumping- Swimming – Zip Lining – Fishing – Camping – Scuba Diving. **UPDATE** Due to new regulations, all participants must wear a life jacket on all jumps, zip-lines, rope swing, or other attractions. Life jackets are not required when on a float in the water.

Where is White Rock Indiana?

Saint Paul
We are a campground in Saint Paul, Indiana that offers camping, swimming, cliff diving, zip-lining, and fishing.

How many acres is White Rock Park?

2,000 acres
White Rock Lake Park is almost 2,000 acres including White Rock Lake, hiking and biking trails, blackland prairie, picnic areas and event spaces.

Where is White Rock Beach?

Located just above the Canada-US border the City of White Rock slopes steeply down to Semiahmoo Bay in the Georgia Strait. Well away from the north shore mountains, it receives considerably less rainfall than other parts of Greater Vancouver.

What county is St Paul Indiana?

Decatur County Indiana
Town of St. Paul: Decatur County Indiana.

What kind of fish are in White Rock Lake?

White crappie
Largemouth bassChannel catfish
White Rock Lake/Fish

Is White Rock worth visiting?

White Rock, BC White Rock is a very popular destination in the summer. It has beautiful coastline, beaches, pier and an array of trendy restaurants and cafes. If visiting White Rock, be sure to go for a walk along the waterfront. At over 1540 feet in length, it’s the longest pier in Canada.

Can you swim at White Rock Beach?

White Rock is an ideal beach to swim and splash in the ocean. Enjoy the calm, warm water and maybe even swim some laps while enjoying the beautiful views. Don’t forget your shovel and bucket to build a sandcastle during low tide, and then splash through the tide pools at the beach.

What county is Shelbyville in located in?

Shelby CountyShelbyville / County

Can you swim in White Rock Lake?

No, swimming is not allowed at White Rock Lake. They do have a dog park at the north end that has an area for the dogs to swim but no public areas for people.

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