Is Kira Nerys a Cardassian?

Is Kira Nerys a Cardassian?

Kira was kidnapped in 2371 and surgically altered to be Cardassian as a pawn in an elaborate Obsidian Order plot to expose her alter ego’s father, a powerful legate, as a Cardassian dissident; after his rescue they formed an odd bond.

Who does Kira Nerys marry?

In 2378, Kira married Typhuss James Halliwell on starbase Deep Space 9. Kira has five children, Kira Hoshi Sato born in 2379 and Shakaar Edon Kira born in 2383, Kira Meru II born in 2389, Kira Rey and Kira Julian born in 2392. Kira also has a deep central belief in the Bajoran faith of their Gods, the Prophets.

What rank is Kira?

With the conclusion of the first wave of Deep Space Nine novels in Unity, Bajor finally joins the Federation, and Kira is given the Starfleet rank of Captain.

What rank is Gul?

Gul is a military rank held by the commander of a vessel or installation. The rank’s closest approximation is a Starfleet Captain. Each Cardassian Order is led by a Gul. A ship’s Gul will routinely take a cut of the profits from the cargo that his or her ship is transporting.

Are Kira and Bashir married?

Alexander Siddig, who played Julian Bashir, and Nana Visitor, who played Major Kira Nerys, were married from 1997 to 2001 before eventually separating.

How did Nerys get pregnant?

This episode also writes actress Nana Visitor’s real-life pregnancy into the story by having the pregnancy of the character Keiko O’Brien transferred to Visitor’s character, Major Kira Nerys, following an accident.

How did Major Kira get pregnant?

Kirayoshi “Yoshi” O’Brien was born in 2373, the second child of Miles and Keiko O’Brien. Kira Nerys acted as a surrogate mother for Kirayoshi after Keiko was injured during a mission to the Gamma Quadrant in late 2372, carrying the baby to term.

Is Kira Nerys a Starfleet officer?

Captain Kira Nerys is a Bajoran Starfleet officer and current commander of the U.S.S. Defiant. A former Colonel in the Bajoran Militia, she became commander of Deep Space 9 following the Dominion War.

What is PAGH ds9?

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers bible, pagh was mentioned as translating roughly to “energy meridian”. [ 1] Pagh is similar to the concept of ka in Ancient Egyptian religion.

How do Bajoran names work?

Bajoran names are traditionally given with their family name (surname) preceding their given name. Those who hold a religious or military title are commonly adressed by their title followed by their family name (surname) only, except on formal occassions, when their entire name is used.

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