Is Norwest a suburb of Sydney?

Is Norwest a suburb of Sydney?

Norwest is a suburb of the Hills District within Greater Western Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, located 35 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district. The Norwest Business Park is located within Norwest and the adjacent suburb of Bella Vista.

Is Norwest a new suburb?

Norwest and North Kellyville were revealed on Friday, June 29, as the newest suburbs to join 25 established suburbs in The Hills. Boundaries of Kellyville, Baulkham Hills and Bella Vista were also realigned as part of the process.

Is Norwest a good suburb?

While it retains its place among Sydney’s biggest and best business parks, it’s now a suburb in its own right. And with the brand new metro linking the Hills to Epping and Chatswood, its appeal to residential buyers has soared.

Is Bella Vista a good place to live?

Bella Vista is a fantastic place to live. All the houses are beautiful and well maintained in this neighborhood. There are also many great parks and reserves scattered throughout. Plenty of shopping and dining options, and Castle Towers is close by.

Is Norwest NSW a good place to live?

“Great suburb close to lakes, businesses, great new schools and stealthy yet well located motorway access” Great place to live. A lagoon is coming soon, alongside a supposedly Michelin star restaurant.

What LGA is Norwest NSW in?

The Hills Shire
The Hills Shire is located in Sydney’s north-western suburbs – about 30 kilometres from the Sydney CBD.

What is the postcode for Norwest?

2153Norwest / Postal code

Is North Ryde safe?

It’s also a very safe suburb, with one of the lowest crime rates (bottom 15) of Sydney’s more central suburbs. Ryde’s convenience, as with many other North Shore suburbs, comes with a price. Ryde’s not as exorbitant as some of the north side suburbs closer to the city centre, but it’s far from cheap.

Is Bella Vista Waters a suburb?

It is a suburb in the Hills District of Greater Western Sydney and is in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Bella Vista’s and Norwest Business Park is home to several Fortune 500 companies, a number of shopping centres, high-rise buildings, and industrial and recreational spaces.

Is Glenwood a good suburb?

Glenwood is a great suburb to raise a family aged from the very young children to teenagers or young adults. It has access to many close shopping centres providing a variety of options. It is only an hour (on average) into the city or to the airport.

What suburbs are in hills LGA?

The Hills Shire includes the suburbs and localities of Annangrove, Baulkham Hills (part), Beaumont Hills, Bella Vista, Box Hill, Carlingford (part), Castle Hill (part), Cattai (part), Dural (part), Glenhaven (part), Glenorie (part), Kellyville, Kenthurst, Leets Vale (part), Lower Portland (part), Maraylya (part).

Is North Kellyville good suburb?

Wonderful suburb. Well kept neighborhood where everyone seems to take pride in their homes. Very central, new metro station in rouse hill has made commute heaps easier for most. Great shopping centres around, wonderful schools and just a wonderful place for families.

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