Should at large be hyphenated?

Should at large be hyphenated?

“At large” is not hyphenated in this context (the suspect is at large). But there are phrases such as “ambassador-at-large” where the entire phrase is hyphenated. This means something like “a roaming ambassador”, i.e. one not attached to a single country, but who plays a wider global advisory role on an issue.

How do you use at large?

You use at large to indicate that you are talking in a general way about most of the people mentioned. I think the chances of getting reforms accepted by the community at large remain extremely remote.

What’s it meant to be at large?

Definition of at-large : relating to or being a political representative who is elected to serve an entire area rather than one of its subdivisions an at-large city councilor an at-large election.

What does community at large mean?

Community at Large means persons, businesses, governments or other organizations outside the geographic boundaries of the Association with whom the Association may have cause to interact.

When should a hyphen be used?

Generally, you need the hyphen only if the two or more words are functioning together as an adjective before the noun they’re describing. If the noun comes first, leave the hyphen out. This wall is load bearing. It’s impossible to eat this cake because it is rock hard.

What does society at large mean?

1 the totality of social relationships among organized groups of human beings or animals. 2 a system of human organizations generating distinctive cultural patterns and institutions and usually providing protection, security, continuity, and a national identity for its members.

What does community at-large mean?

Why is it called at large?

As in “the murderer is still at large”. At large comes from the French au large which translates as at liberty, or free of restraint. So uncaptured.

What does address at large mean?

A descriptive term for the election of public officials by an entire governmental unit rather than by subdivisions of the unit. For example, a delegate at large does not represent any specific district or locale, but speaks instead for a much wider group of people. GOOSES.

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