What are Raiders club seats?

What are Raiders club seats?

Club Seats at Allegiant Stadium are some of the best seats for Raiders games and other events. Club sections are labeled C131-C137 on the Raiders side and C109-C115 on the visitor side. All club seats come with exclusive access to a private club lounge with its own entrance.

How much is a seat at Raiders stadium?

Las Vegas Raiders Ticket Prices

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2022 Allegiant Stadium $181
2021 Allegiant Stadium $181
2020 Allegiant Stadium $573
2019 RingCentral Coliseum $187

Do the Raiders have a team plane?

Allegiant Air, the official airline of the Las Vegas Raiders, unveiled a new jet celebrating the team ahead of the 2021 season kickoff. Raiders executives, alongside Allegiant and McCarran International Airport execs, were on hand to introduce the plane to the public on Wednesday.

How much is a seat license for the Las Vegas Raiders?

Prices ranged from $500 to $75,000 for the licenses, which grants the purchaser exclusive rights to buy Raiders home game season tickets for a particular seat. The PSL fee is only due once, with fans then needing to renew their season tickets each campaign.

Do the Raiders have standing room only tickets?

Allegiant Stadium Club Options Single-Game Suites have 16 tickets apiece plus the opportunity to purchase two Standing Room Only seats. They also include VIP parking passes and pregame field passes.

What are the best seats in Allegiant Stadium?

300 Level Sideline Seating The best place to sit for a Vegas Raiders game or any football game is on the 50- yard line. However, the only option to sit in a lower level 50-yard line seat is either in a club or suite section. Club and suite sections are amazing at Allegiant Stadium, but they can be a bit expensive.

How many seats are in the Raiders stadium?

Located adjacent to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, Allegiant Stadium is a global events destination, highlighted by the arrival of the NFL’s iconic Raiders in 2020. Allegiant Stadium is conveniently located for both visitors and locals, fully enclosed and climate-controlled with a capacity of 65,000.

Can I sell my Raiders PSL?

PSLs are non-refundable one-time expenses that give the holders exclusive rights to buy tickets in their seats. PSL holders who don’t buy season tickets can have their PSLs revoked and sold to someone else.

Do the Raiders fly Allegiant?

Allegiant is the Official Airline of the Las Vegas Raiders and the Naming Rights Partner for Allegiant Stadium .

Do the Las Vegas Raiders have their own plane?

Executives from the Las Vegas Raiders and McCarran International Airport joined Allegiant today to introduce the airline’s Raiders livery aircraft – a one-of-a-kind sleek Silver & Black jet designed to capture the spirit and strength of Raider Nation.

Can you sell your PSL?

You can sell or transfer your PSL, but you cannot simply return it to the team for a refund. PSL contracts make it clear that your license can depreciate — many Jets and San Francisco 49ers fans are selling PSLs for 50 percent of their original cost as those teams struggle on the field.

What does PSL mean Raiders?

Personal Seat License
Read About PSLs A Personal Seat License (PSL) is a license that must be purchased for most seating areas at Allegiant Stadium in order to become a season ticket holder for the Las Vegas Raiders. A PSL owner has the right to purchase season tickets from the ticket office each year.

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