What are some good cricket sledges?

What are some good cricket sledges?

21 of The Best Cricket Sledges of All Time

  • “Mind the windows”
  • “Would you like me to bowl a piano and see if you can play that”
  • Warne vs Cullinan.
  • Siddons vs Waugh.
  • “It’s red, it’s round, you hit it”
  • “Don’t bother son, you won’t be out there long enough.”
  • Mark Waugh vs James Ormond.
  • “Which one of you b*******”

What is a sledge in cricket?

In the sport of cricket, sledging is the practice of deliberately insulting or verbally intimidating an opposing player. The purpose is to try to weaken the opponent’s concentration, thereby causing them to underperform or be more prone to error.

What did Merv Hughes say?

Merv Hughes to Robin Smith Merv: “If you turn the bat over you’ll get the instructions mate”.

Who was the biggest Sledger in cricket?

Australian cricket great Brett Lee has revealed the “best sledge (he) ever heard” as he opened up on the role of banter in the game. The former quick took 310 Test wickets and claimed 380 ODI scalps across a successful international career, establishing himself as one of the fastest bowlers world cricket has ever seen.

Who is the king of sledging?

Adam Gilchrist and Mohammad Kaif. Adam Gilchrist is known for his honesty. He routinely walked if he’d knowingly edged one and been given not out. So when Indian batsman Mohammad Kaif seemingly gloved one through to Gilchrist in 2004 and refused to walk, the Australian keeper couldn’t hide his indignation.

Why are you so fat sledge?

Zimbabwean fast-bowler Eddo Brandes was a unique character. He was a chicken farmer who bowled fast in the big league. When he faced Glenn McGrath in a game, the Australian seamer asked him, “Why are you so fat?” Brandes retorted, “Because every time I sleep with your wife she gives me a biscuit.”

What does sledge mean in slang?

to separate oneself from a female quickly due to obvious psychological problems and move on quickly for better dating prospects. From popular comedian Tommy Sledge who say’s “I moved on, it’s my job it’s what I do. You should sledge that chick right away.

How many beers did Merv Hughes drink?

The attendants confirmed the count as 52 cans of Victoria Bitter beers. Hughes, however, insists the count is wrong. “That’s an absolute fabrication of the truth. It was 53 cans,” he told The Guardian.

What did Sarwan say to McGrath?

Sarwan’s response did provoke McGrath and the legendary speedster gave a shot back with a reply saying, “If you f****** mention my wife again, I’ll f******* rip your f***** throat out.” More importantly, the incident did severely was criticised and had left the legendary speedster feeling awful.

Who invented sledging in cricket?

1) The earliest mention of sledging was in a match at Hambledon in 1765, when Richard Nyren, playing for Men of Hampshire XXII, became involved in an altercation with batsman John Small, playing for XXX Red Hot Hampshire Men.

Can you sledge in cricket?

It’s often done incredibly subtly and the best sledgers in the world often chip away at players over the course of hours and even days. Sledging is a part of cricket that, according to the laws of the game, isn’t actually legal. However, over time it has become an accepted part of the game.

How’s your wife and my kid cricket?

ROD MARSH’S famous line “so how’s your wife and my kids” has taken the title of the best cricket sledge of all time. That’s according to 1000 cricket fans who were polled by the ice cream sandwich company Maxibon to launch their first sponsorship of the English county, Yorkshire Vikings T20 side.

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