What are the 3 meristems based on position?

What are the 3 meristems based on position?

Based on the positions, meristems are of three types – lateral meristem, intercalary meristem and apical meristem. Lateral meristems – seen in the stems and roots on the lateral side. They increase the thickness of the plant. The two lateral meristems are cork cambium and vascular cambium.

What is Subapical meristem?

Root meristem is subapical. The subapical region is divided into three parts, zone of cell division, zone of elongation and zone of maturation. It gives rise to root growth. It is located at the root tip. At the apex, root meristem is covered with root cap.

What are the four meristems?

Meristematic Tissues

  • A plant has four kinds of meristems: the apical meristem and three kinds of lateral—vascular cambium, cork cambium, and intercalary meristem.
  • Vascular cambium.
  • Cork cambium.
  • Intercalary meristem.

Where are the two main types of meristem in plants?

There are two types of apical meristem tissue: shoot apical meristem (SAM), which gives rise to organs like the leaves and flowers, and root apical meristem (RAM), which provides the meristematic cells for future root growth.

  • The apical meristems are layered where the number of layers varies according to plant type.
  • Where is intercalary meristem found?

    Intercalary Meristem It is located in the leaves and internodes at the intercalary position. These help to increase the length of the internode. It is found in grass, monocots and pines.

    Where is epical tissue present?

    Explanation: These tissues are mainly meristematic tissues found in the tip of the stem and tip of root just below root cap in the case of plants.

    What is leaf primordia?

    a group of cells that will develop into a leaf, seen as small bulges just below the shoot apex.

    What is inter Calary meristem?

    Definition of intercalary meristem : a meristem developing between regions of mature or permanent tissue (as at the base of the grass leaf) — compare apical meristem, lateral meristem.

    What is intercalary meristematic?

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