What does the second shift refer to quizlet?

What does the second shift refer to quizlet?

The second shift refers to When women return home from the workplace, they are responsible for the housework and childcare.

What is the second shift in gender?

Employed women are more likely to return home at the end of their workday to what sociologist Arlie Hochschild has coined “the second shift,” which includes unpaid household labor such as cleaning, food preparation, and caregiving for children and other family members.

What was Hochschild’s argument in the second shift?

Hochschild: In the Second Shift, I argued that we are in a stalled revolution — that women have gone into the workforce, that was the revolution, but the workplace they go into and the men they come home to have changed less rapidly, or not at all.

What does Arlie Hochschild mean by the second shift quizlet?

What does Hochschild mean by “the second shift?” The second wave of females joining the workforce.

What is the third shift?

What is third shift? Working third shift means you work during the overnight hours. A typical shift begins around 11 p.m. and ends around 7 a.m. However, these hours can fluctuate based on your role and the company you work for.

Where did the second shift take place?

Coined after Arlie Hochschild’s 1989 book, the term “second shift” describes the labor performed at home in addition to the paid work performed in the formal sector.

What is the third shift in sociology?

The term “third shift” is a metaphor that builds on sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild’s use of “second shift” to describe the domestic, family and community work that women come home to when they finish their time at the office or factory. Education, Kramarae explains, is a third shift for many of these women.

Who is the author of the second shift?

Arlie Russell HochschildThe Second Shift / Author

Who wrote the second shift?

Which of the following was a finding in the book the second shift by Arlie Hochschild?

Hochschild stats that one important finding of her study is that “the strain of working shifts often affects men nearly as much as women.” What are the effects on men? If men share the second shift, stress from this affects them directly. If they don’t share, it affects them through their wives.

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