What grease do you use for a gimbal bearing?

What grease do you use for a gimbal bearing?

Don’t forget the gimbal bearing grease fitting. marine grease would be fine for all inboard applications imo.. most outboard grease bearings are generally low load rated so marine grease should be fine for all of them. just make sure you do it often enough.

What happens when your gimbal bearing goes out?

It’s usually a rumbling noise that gets worse when you turn the drive off dead center while in gear. Often turning in one direction will make the noise worse than turning in the other direction. The usual cause of gimbal bearing failure is water intrusion, which will screw up other stuff in there like the U-joints.

What is a gimbal housing on a boat?

Gimbal bearings are specialty ball bearings/races. One of their main marine uses is in boat engine drive shafts where the bearings maintain alignment using gimbal technology. A gimbal bearing and a driveshaft arrangement is shown below.

What are gimbals on a boat?

on a Boat, the gyroscopes, rate gyros, marine compasses, stoves, and even drink holders, typically use gimbals to keep them upright with respect to the horizon despite the ship’s pitching and rolling. The Gimbal suspension used for mounting compasses is also referred to as Cardan suspension.

What does a Marine gimbal bearing do?

Gimbals and Gimbal Bearings In maritime use, they are used to support of the delicate gyro-compass and to dampen the movement of deck-mounted machinery that is also susceptible to the movement of the ship due to sea conditions.

Do you have to remove outdrive to remove engine?

RE: Inboard engine removal If it’s I/O you need to pull the out drive because the outdrive shaft goes into the engine coupler.

How do I know if my bellows are leaking?

If it is leaking badly, you’ll hear a roaring sound coming from the back of the boat. That’s a sure sign. It’s basically water getting into the bearing grease and rusting the bearing. The bellows itself is the beefy rubber boot that goes from the transom assembly to the upper drive housing.

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