What happened to Thomas Vermaelen?

What happened to Thomas Vermaelen?

The first-team player Thomas Vermaelen has a thigh injury in his right leg that he sustained in June at the World Cup. The player will undergo physiotherapy. His return to regular training action depends on the evolution of the injury.

Is Thomas Vermaelen still playing?

On 21 January 2022, the Royal Belgian Football Association announced Vermaelen’s retirement as a player, adding that he would be joining the Belgium national team as an assistant coach ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

How old is Vermaelen?

36 years (November 14, 1985)Thomas Vermaelen / Age

Will Vermaelen play for Belgium?

Belgium’s soccer federation announced the news Friday. The 36-year-old Vermaelen was out of contract after 2 1/2 years with Japanese club Vissel Kobe, which he joined after leaving Barcelona. Vermaelen, who also played for Ajax, Arsenal and Roma will become an assistant to Belgium coach Roberto Martinez.

Why did Thomas Vermaelen retire?

Ex-Arsenal star Thomas Vermaelen retires aged 36 and is on verge of becoming Belgium assistant manager. FORMER Arsenal star Thomas Vermaelan has announced his retirement – and is poised to be named Belgium assistant manager. The 36-year-old left Japan’s Vissel Kobe after his contract expired in December.

Who left Arsenal to Barcelona?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Barcelona have completed the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Arsenal, after the forward left the north London club by mutual consent on Tuesday evening. The 32-year-old has signed a contract until June 2025, with the option to terminate in June 2023, and has a buyout clause of €100 million.

Did Barca buy Adama Traore?

Adama Traore has joined FC Barcelona on loan until the end of the season, in spite of the Wolverhampton Wanderers’ winger previously appearing close to signing for Tottenham.

Why did Aubameyang leave Arsenal for free?

The Gabon striker had not played for Arsenal since a disciplinary breach in December after he returned late from a trip abroad. Arteta subsequently excluded him from selection, with Aubameyang forced to train by himself and stripped of the Arsenal captaincy.

Is Adama Traore leaving Wolves?

Bruno Lage accepts Adama Traore had to leave Wolves but admits he’s short of wingers. Wolves head coach Bruno Lage says he understands why the club let Adama Traore leave on loan — but that it’s left him with a shortage of wingers for now.

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