What is an obesogenic lifestyle?

What is an obesogenic lifestyle?

Several lifestyle habits have been reported to contribute to the worldwide health problem of OW/OB, including: inactivity, insufficient sleep, unhealthy diet, excessive time spent watching video-games and TV rather than engaging in conventional recreational activities, and increased availability of, and growing …

What is an example of obesogenic environment?

Obesogenic environments are the collective physical, economic, policy, social and cultural factors that promote obesity. For example, they may have a high concentration of fast food outlets and encourage driving over walking.

What is Obesogenic mean?

Definition of obesogenic : promoting excessive weight gain : producing obesity an obesogenic environment.

What is an obesogenic food environment?

The term ‘obesogenic environment’ is used to describe an environment that promotes obesity (Swinburn et al. 1999). Schools, workplaces, homes and neighbourhoods, the media, availability of convenience foods, and portion sizes can all influence a person’s body weight.

What is obesogenic diet?

(ŏ-bēs″ŏ-jen′ik) [ obes(ity) + -genic] Tending to promote or contribute to obesity. It is said of unhealthy, calorie-rich diets and sedentary behavior.

Who coined the term Obesogenic?

expert Boyd Swinburn
The term was probably coined by New Zealand public health expert Boyd Swinburn. He noticed the negative impact – including high diabetes rates – of the American lifestyle on Native Americans at a reservation in Arizona. That was more than 25 years ago.

Why is an obesogenic environment a problem?

These factors together comprise an obesogenic or ‘toxic’ environment where the development of obesity is the expected course for humans leading lifestyles incompatible with their evolutionary development. Only by addressing and modifying the toxic environment will we be able to stem the obesity epidemic.

Where are Obesogens found?

Recent studies are beginning to look at the environmental factors that may contribute to this — including obesogens ( 2 ). These chemicals are found in everyday household items like food containers, toys, cookware, personal care products, cleaning agents, and medical supplies ( 2 , 3 ).

What is Obesogenic agent?

Tending to promote or contribute to obesity.

Who coined the term obesogenic environment?

What factors contribute to Obesogenic?

Many factors influence body weight-genes, though the effect is small, and heredity is not destiny; prenatal and early life influences; poor diets; too much television watching; too little physical activity and sleep; and our food and physical activity environment.

How do I get rid of Obesogens?

They can be treated with plastic-like coatings made from BPA. Air pollution. You can limit the amount of air pollution that comes into your home by removing your shoes when you’re indoors. Using HEPA filters and vacuuming frequently may also be helpful.

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