What is cell in UITableView?

What is cell in UITableView?

You use cells primarily to organize and present your app’s custom content, but UITableViewCell provides some specific customizations to support table-related behaviors, including: Applying a selection or highlight color to the cell. Adding standard accessory views, such as a detail or disclosure control.

What is the difference between UITableView and UITableViewController?

UITableViewController is a special UIViewController . Its view is a UITableView, can’t change constraints. You can’t add view into UITableView , without a cell.

What is prototype cell?

February 11, 2019. When using Table Views inside the Storyboard, prototype cells can be used to create some predefined or even custom layouts of the Table View Cells. In this tutorial we will create a basic Prototype cell, which includes an (optional) image and a title.

What a segue means?

1 : to proceed without pause from one musical number or theme to another. 2 : to make a transition without interruption from one activity, topic, scene, or part to another segued smoothly into the next story. segue.

How do you use segue in a sentence?

Segue sentence example

  1. It ‘s a great segue into the spa lifestyle.
  2. Right…
  3. We then segue into the title cut to On an Island.
  4. It is unnecessary, but provides a nice segue into the jovial ” Franklin ‘s Tower “.
  5. Seamed stockings are a seductive segue into the bedroom where even greater things await.

Why is Xib called nib?

NIBs and XIBs are files that describe user interfaces, and are built using Interface Builder. In fact, the acronym “NIB” comes from “NeXTSTEP Interface Builder”, and “XIB” from “Xcode Interface Builder”.

How many times is awakeFromNib called?

the NSLog say that awakeFromNib, of the same instance of myResourceViewController, is called 4 time, i don’t understand why. My only ResourceViewController is created in myDocument xib. I don’t use NSNib loading methods everywhere.

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