What is HCH used for?

What is HCH used for?

Summary: Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) is a manufactured chemical that exists in eight chemical forms called isomers. One of these forms, gamma-HCH (or γ-HCH, commonly called lindane) is produced and used as an insecticide on fruit, vegetables, and forest crops.

Why is lindane toxic?

Lindane primarily affects the nervous system causing neurotoxic effects. It also appears to cause liver and kidney toxicity, and may act as an endocrine disruptor. Infants and children may be more susceptible to the potential adverse effects of lindane than adults.

What is HCH called?

Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH), formally known as benzene hexachloride (BHC), is a synthetic chemical that exists in eight chemical forms called isomers. The different isomers are named according to the position of the hydrogen atoms in the structure of the chemical.

What is Gamma content of lindane?

Lindane is the gamma isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane (“γ-HCH”). In addition to the issue of lindane pollution, some concerns are related to the other isomers of HCH, namely alpha-HCH and beta-HCH, which are notably more toxic than lindane, lack its insecticidal properties, and are byproducts of lindane production.

What is HCH blood test?

Highlights. Exposure to hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) happens mostly from eating contaminated food or by breathing contaminated air in the workplace. Exposure to high levels of HCH can cause blood disorders, dizziness, headaches, seizures, and changes in the levels of sex hormones. HCH has caused cancer in animals.

Which pesticides is banned in India for agriculture use?

The list of pesticides, according to the draft order, proposed to be banned include insecticides, fungicides and weedicides: 2,4-D, acephate, atrazine, benfuracarb, butachlor, captan, carbendazin, carbofuran, chlorpyriphos, deltamethrin, dicofol, dimethoate, dinocap, diuron, malathion, mancozeb, methimyl, monocrotophos …

Is lindane banned in India?

Pesticides Banned for manufacture, import and use . Lindane (Gamma-HCH)(Banned vide Gazette Notification No S.O. 637(E) Dated 25/03/2011)-Banned for Manufecture,Import or Formulate w.e.f. 25th March,2011 and banned for use w.e.f. 25th March,2013.

Why is lindane used?

Lindane is used to treat scabies (mites that attach themselves to the skin) and lice (small insects that attach themselves to the skin on the head or pubic area [‘crabs’]). Lindane is in a class of medications called scabicides and pediculicides. It works by killing lice and mites.

What does hCG positive mean?

A high level of HCG indicates that a person is pregnant. A negative qualitative HCG test means a person is not pregnant. If they still suspect that they are pregnant, a person should repeat the test after a few days . False-positive results may occur if hormone levels are high due to menopause or hormone supplements.

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