What is meant by fumigation certificate?

What is meant by fumigation certificate?

Fumigation certificate is an approval document issued by the licensing authority to indicate that shipment and shipping materials have been properly fumigated. All the countries that require the certificate will not clear any shipment without it.

What is fumigation in ships?

Fumigation is the process of releasing toxic gases (pesticides) into a cargo hold or compartment for the purpose of eliminating or avoiding infestation by insects or other pests that may cause the cargo to deteriorate. Fumigation may take place either prior to and/or after loading of the cargo.

How can I get fumigation certificate for export from India?

To get past the Regulating Authority of Exporting Country, IPPO one must deliver a pest-free consignment by issuing a fumigation certificate. Accordingly, this can be achieved by: Heat treatment- Wood packaging material is subjected to the extreme heat that is 56°C for 30 minutes.

WHO issues fumigation certificate in India?

So fumigation certificate is issued by the fumigator by obtaining approval for fumigation from the licensing authority.

What is the validity of fumigation certificate?

Each fumigation operator shall be issued with an Accreditation Certificate (Appendix-VII) and unique accreditation number and card (Annex to Appendix-VII) after successfulassessment, which is valid for a period of one year initially and thereafter to be revalidated after every two year.

What is the fumigation process?

Fumigation is a method of pest control or the removal of harmful micro-organisms by completely filling an area with gaseous pesticides—or fumigants—to suffocate or poison the pests within.

What is fumigation process?

Fumigation is a method of using a lethal gas to exterminate pests within an enclosed space. There are two fumigation methods used. One is to seal the structure with plastic, tape, or other materials, and the other is to enclose the structure in a tent of vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulins.

What is fumigation certificate for export?

A fumigation certificate, sometimes referred to as a pest-control certificate, is a document that serves as confirmation that any wooden packing materials (ie, pallets) used in a cargo shipment have been fumigated. They contain details such as treatment purpose, fumigants used, and temperature range.

How can I get fumigation license in India?

You have to apply for that by peovit all the fumigating and safety equipment as prescribed and on satisfactory inspection, the license will be granted. Fumigation operator license to be obtained from the same department by a qualified and trained person for carrying out fumigation on behalf of any fumigation agency.

Why is fumigation important in the shipping industry?

The fumigation process helps to get rid of pests. Insects are one of the largest medium of diseases, so we should pay special attention to epidemiological protection in international transport. General import-export regulations usually impose the fumigation process.

What is the purpose of fumigation?

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