What is Showa suspension?

What is Showa suspension?

Showa Corporation (株式会社ショーワ, Kabushiki-kaisha Shōwa) is a manufacturer of high-performance automotive, motorcycle and outboard suspension systems based in Gyoda, Saitama in Japan.

Are Ohlins shocks worth the money?

Yes, they are quality bits, and much better than stock, but for non-racers we’d probably never notice a difference between any other quality shock. I’ve had several Ohlin’s shocks and liked them all, but I’ve since had Traxxion rebuild the stock shocks with phenomenal results and a much lower price point.

Is Showa owned by Honda?

New company Currently, Honda owns 41 percent of Keihin, 34 percent of Showa, and 35 percent of Nissin Kogyo. Upon completion of the deal, Honda will hold a 33.4% stake, and Hitachi will own the remaining 66.6% stake.

Does Kawasaki use KYB suspension?

Kawasaki has traditionally used KYB, but the KX250F started to use Showa from ’06, while the KX450F remains KYB. The KX125 and 250 models have run KYB for all eternity.

How good is Ohlins suspension?

While forks like the FOX 36 feel like you are suspended by the spring, the Öhlins feels like you are riding on a cushion of oil damped air, staying high but smooth off the top. It is very smooth and damped over mid-sized hits, dissipating the energy of impacts effortlessly.

Is Öhlins better than Fox?

Stiffer and higher-performing than the original RXF, the Öhlins RXF 36 M2 is a viable alternative to the big-hitters from Fox and RockShox. With a heavily damped tune, it’s a little less sensitive than the best and a fork that comes to life under heavy or more aggressive riders, getting better the faster you go.

Where is Öhlins made?

Öhlins currently employs 320 people and is headquartered in Upplands Väsby, Sweden, where the main R&D departments and production site are also located.

Who owns Keihin?

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