What is the theodolite survey?

What is the theodolite survey?

theodolite, basic surveying instrument of unknown origin but going back to the 16th-century English mathematician Leonard Digges; it is used to measure horizontal and vertical angles. In its modern form it consists of a telescope mounted to swivel both horizontally and vertically.

What is theodolite and its parts?

Theodolite is an instrument used in surveying to measure horizontal and vertical angles. It is also used for leveling, indirect measure of distances and prolonging a line etc. The line of sight of theodolite can be rotated through 180o in vertical plane about its horizontal axis. Parts of Theodolite and their Functions.

How do you use theodolite survey?

How to Use a Theodolite

  1. Mark the point at which the theodolite will be set up with a surveyor’s nail or a stake.
  2. Set up the tripod.
  3. Drive the tripod legs into the ground using the brackets on the sides of each leg.
  4. Mount the theodolite by placing it atop the tripod, and screw it in place with the mounting knob.

What is theodolite surveying in civil engineering?

The theodolite is an instrument that can measure both horizontal and vertical angles, which allows surveyors to “triangulate” the position of objects in a specific area. While the digital and transit theodolite have been used by land surveyors and engineers, they can be used for other purposes as well.

What is the function of theodolite?

Measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planeTheodolite / Purpose

How do you measure theodolite?

Unlock the upper horizontal clamp, and rotate the theodolite until the arrow in the rough sights is lined up with the point you wish to measure, then lock the clamp. Use the upper horizontal adjuster (not the clamp) to align the object between the two vertical lights in the sight.

What are the fundamental lines of theodolite?

what is the fundamental line of the theodolite

  • The verticle axis.
  • The axis of the plate level. ( The plate level)
  • The line of collimation.
  • The horizontal axis (Turnion axis)
  • The axis of the altitude level. ( The bubble line of altitude level)

How is theodolite used to measure distance?

The theodolite consists of a telescope pivoted around horizontal and vertical axes so that it can measure both horizontal and vertical angles. These angles are read from circles graduated in degrees and smaller intervals of 10 or 20 minutes.

How many parts of theodolite are there?

This instrument (as represented in the next page) consists of two circular plates, A and B, called the horizontal limb, the upper, or vernier plate, A, turning freely upon the lower, and both have a horizontal motion by means of the vertical axis, C: this axis consists of two parts, external and internal, the former …

What is fundamental line?

The fundamental line (German: Urlinie) is the melodic aspect of the Fundamental structure (Ursatz), “a stepwise descent from one of the triad notes to the tonic” with the bass arpeggiation being the harmonic aspect. The fundamental line fills in the spaces created by the descending arpeggiation of the tonic triad.

What is trunnion axis in theodolite?

The horizontal axis about which the telescope of a theodolite can be rotated.

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