What was school like in Elizabethan England?

What was school like in Elizabethan England?

In Elizabethan England there was no compulsory schooling. Most children’s lives revolved around the family, the church and the farm or workshop. However, Renaissance ideas spread from the continent, including the idea that society could be improved through education and learning.

What was taught in school in the Elizabethan era?

A school day In the lower forms boys studied Latin grammar and vocabulary; in the upper forms, they concentrated on the poetry and prose of writers such as Ovid, Martial, Catullus, and even the contemporary Latin of such writers as Sir Thomas More.

What was life like in Elizabethan England for kids?

In many ways, children living in this time were simply treated as small adults. In lower classes or agricultural families, children were given jobs and household chores around the time they could walk by themselves—usually two or three years old. This was not unusual even within the monarchy or aristocratic classes.

How was Elizabeth educated?

Elizabeth’s education differed from most of the other girls who were being educated at the time. She was taught by male tutors. Most girls were taught by other women who would teach a few of the girls in the community for an agreed upon fee. Or they were educated by their mother or siblings at home.

What was Shakespeare’s school life like?

The school day was long and monotonous. Children attended school from Monday until Saturday from 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning until 5 or 6 o’clock at night with a two hour break for dinner. On his day off, Shakespeare would have been expected to attend church.

What was everyday life like in Elizabethan England?

Many turned to small crime, such as begging, picking pockets, and prostitution, simply to avoid starvation. There was little help for the sick, elderly, and orphans. The life expectancy, or average life span, of an Elizabethan was only 42 years, but it was much lower among the urban poor.

What did kids do for fun in the Elizabethan era?

Entertainment at court in Elizabethan times included jousting, dancing, poetry-reading, dramatic performances, hunting, riding, banqueting and concerts.

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