Where is Loki the rapper from?

Where is Loki the rapper from?

In a community centre in Alloa, the Scottish hip-hop artist Loki is about to give the first public performance of a rap about domestic abuse.

Are there any Scottish rappers?

Bkay & D-Lo. Bkay & D-Lo are a Scottish Rap (aka scrap) duo who originate from Glasgow, Scotland.

Where is darren McGarvey from?

Darren McGarvey, aka LOKI, grew up in Pollok. He is a writer, performer, community activist, columnist, and former rapper-in residence at Police Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit.

Who is Loki the rapper?

Darren McGarvey
Darren McGarvey, who goes by the stage name Loki, is a Scottish rapper, hip hop recording artist, and social commentator. He was an activist during the Scottish independence referendum in 2014. He is from a political and performance family: his aunt is the former MSP Rosie McGarvey Kane.

What is Scottish rap called?

Scottish hip hop is the regional manifestation of the British hip hop culture in Scotland, comprising the five elements of MCing, DJing, beatboxing, graffiti and b-boying.

Who is Shogun rapper?

Joseph Heron (born 22 May 1997), better known by his stage name Shogun, is a Scottish rapper. Raised in Paisley, he rose to popularity in 2016 for his lyrically sharp, fierce and politically charged performance in his freestyle video Vulcan. He recently starred on the BBC Three show The Rap Game UK.

Who Is zones rapper?

Hailing from Bexley Kent, Zones has just come off the back of reaching the final stages of BBC’s The Rap Game UK, narrowly missing out on the title after impressing judges and watchers. Zones wrote her first rap at the age of 15, shortly after losing her Mum.

How old is Shogun Scottish rapper?

Shogun (Rapper)

Born 22 May 1997 (age 24) Paisley, Scotland
Genres British hip hop*grime (music genre)
Occupation(s) Rapper*songwriter*television personality
Instruments Vocals

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