Who is Raman Pillai?

Who is Raman Pillai?

Pillai was the defence counsel in many notable criminal cases in Kerala. He was also a member of the 17-member panel appointed by the government to formulate lockdown proposals during the first Covid time. He succeeded in convincing the truth in the high court.

Who wrote dharmaraja novel?

C. V. Raman PillaiDharmaraja / Author

Who wrote Marthandavarma?

C. V. Raman PillaiMarthandavarma / Author

Book by one of the greatest of Malayalam writers. Author of Dharmaraja, and Ramaraja Bahadur too. Historical romance about a great king of Travancore. Marthandavarma by Late Shri CV Raman Pillai is a great novel, readable even in current context of socio-economic situation.

Which is the first history novel in Malayalam?

This novel is the first historical novel published in Malayalam language and in south India….Marthandavarma (novel)

Title page of the first edition
Author C.V. Raman Pillai
Genre Historical Novel Historical Romance
Set in Travancore (1727 – 1732)

Who is Dileeps advocate?

Nobody expected this from a senior lawyer of the Kerala High Court and it amounts to professional misconduct. She said she came to know from the media that Balachandra Kumar had revealed in an audio clip that Dileep’s lawyer Philip T. Varghese had handed over Rs.

Is CV Raman a social reformer?

C. V. Kunhiraman (1871 – 1949) was an Indian social reformer, journalist and the founder of Kerala Kaumudi daily….

C. V. Kunhiraman
Born February 6, 1871 Mayyanad, Kollam, Kerala, India
Died April 10, 1949 (aged 78)
Occupation Social reformer Journalist
Known for Kerala reformation movement Kerala Kaumudi

Who wrote Indulekha?

Oyyarathu Chandu MenonIndulekha / Author

Which is the biggest novel in Malayalam?

Avakasikal (The Inheritors) is a Malayalam-language novel by Vilasini (M. K. Menon) published in 1980. It runs into 3958 pages, in four volumes, and is the second longest novel written in any Indian language after Jeymohan’s Tamil epic Venmurasu.

What is the charge of Mukul Rohatgi?

He was appointed Special Prosecutor and received a fee of Rs. 1.20 crore from the government of Maharashtra in the high-profile case probing the death of CBI Special Judge BH Loya. In April 2018, the Supreme Court had quashed the plea demanding a probe into his death, and Rohatgi had hailed the apex court’s decision.

Who is Kerala Ibsen?

Krishna Pillai
Krishna Pillai, known as Kerala Ibsen, was best known for his realistic portrayal of social situations. He was instrumental in shredding the farcical humour from Malayalam drama and introducing serious character studies.

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