Why is the Afghan Girl photo so famous?

Why is the Afghan Girl photo so famous?

The haunting expression, a mixture of pain and resilience, of a child thought to be around 12, was dubbed the “Afghan Girl.” She became a symbol of war, displacement and defiance after American photographer Steve McCurry captured her image in a refugee camp in Peshawar, on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

What happened to National Geographic girl?

The green-eyed Afghan woman immortalised on a National Geographic cover, has been evacuated to Italy. Sharbat Gula has been given safe haven by Italy after fleeing the Taliban, the Italian government said. Rome said it intervened after Gula asked for help to leave Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover.

Who took Afghan Girl photo?

photographer Steve McCurry
As a young refugee in Afghanistan, she was photographed by the National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry.

How many children does Sharbat Gula have?

It was then that she came to know about the famous picture and the difference her picture made to the struggle of Afghan refugees. Sharbat Gula’s life centred around her husband and their three children. However, she lost her husband in 2012 to Hepatitis C.

Is Sharbat Gula married?

The return of the Taliban to Afghanistan in 2021 put Gula’s life in jeopardy, and she requested and received asylum in Italy in November 2021….

Sharbat Gula
Nationality Afghan
Known for Cover photo of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic magazine
Spouse(s) Rahmat Gul (?–2012; his death)

What did Sharbat Gula do?

Sharbat Gula lived life peacefully and anonymously in Pakistan for over 30 years after fleeing Afghanistan in the 80s. However, she was arrested by Pakistani officials in 2016 on charges of possessing fake identification papers.

Why is Sharbat Gula famous?

Sharbat Gula (Pashto: شربت ګله; born c. 1972) is an Afghan woman who became internationally known for her photograph taken by photojournalist Steve McCurry during the Soviet–Afghan War, when 12-year-old Gula was living in a refugee camp in Pakistan.

What happened to Sharbat Gula after the photo was taken?

After the picture was clicked in 1984 and published the next year, Sharbat Gula went on to live life normally without knowing about the publication of her picture or how famous she had become. She was married off at the age of 16, just 4 years after the picture was taken. She lived most of her life in Pakistan.

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