What happens when frequency increases in photoelectric effect?

What happens when frequency increases in photoelectric effect?

In the photoelectric effect, what happens as you increase the frequency of light keeping the same intensity constant? E=hf, so as you increase the frequency of light, the energy of each photon hitting the metal surface is greater.

What happens to energy when frequency is doubled?

Halving the wavelength doubles the frequency and, thus, doubles the energy of the incident photons. This doubles the energy given to each electron, nearly doubling its kinetic energy after it is free from the metal.

What happens to intensity if frequency is doubled?

If the frequency gets doubled, AND the number of incident photons per unit area does not change, then the intensity doubles.

What happens in photoelectric effect if both intensity and frequency is doubled?

The saturation photoelectric current is directly proportional to the intensity of incident radiation but it is independent of its frequency. Therefore the saturation photoelectric current becomes doubled, when both intensity and frequency of the incident light are doubled.

Does increasing frequency increase intensity?

There are many ways of defining the intensity of light, but if you are just measuring the energy per unit time per unit area then yes increasing the frequency while keeping the number of photons constant will increase the intensity.

Does photocurrent increase with frequency?

Current is not dependent on the frequency of photons. Frequency of photons is only related to the kinetic energy. Thus the current remains the same.

How would doubling the frequencies affect the wavelengths?

If the frequency of a wave is doubled, what happens to its wavelength? If the frequency is doubled, the wavelength is only half as long.

What happens increase frequency?

The number of complete wavelengths in a given unit of time is called frequency (f). As a wavelength increases in size, its frequency and energy (E) decrease. From these equations you may realize that as the frequency increases, the wavelength gets shorter. As the frequency decreases, the wavelength gets longer.

When the frequency of the wave doubles what happens to its wavelength?

Wave speed equals frequency*wavelength. So doubling the frequency must halve the wavelength in order for wave speed to remain the same.

What is the relationship between frequency and intensity?

if you consider light is wave, intensity is related to light radiation energy and frequency is the number of waves per second. if you consider light is particle, each particle in the light radiation is called photon.

When the intensity is doubled the number of electrons emitted will be?

∴ by doubling the intensity, the numbers of emitted electrons is also doubled.

What will happen to photocurrent IF frequency of incident light is doubled keeping intensity constant?

UPLOAD PHOTO AND GET THE ANSWER NOW! Solution : Since frequency of light solurce is double, the energy carried by each photon will be doubled. Hence intensity will be doubled even if number of photons remains constant. Hence saturation current is constant.

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